Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation exam – explained in detail

Why should you use Ansible? Well from my own standpoint and that of Redhat it goes like this... Ansible is the most popular open source automation tool on GitHub today with more than a quarter million downloads per month. With over 3,550 contributors submitting new modules all the time, rest assured that what youare automating is coveredin Ansible already, or will be very soon. … Continue reading Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation exam – explained in detail

Ansible an Introduction to Automation

Ansible Ansible is an open source automation platform that is used for configuration management, application deployment, task automation e.t.c. It can also do IT orchestration to run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events which must happen on several different servers or devices. In simple terms, Ansible enables you to define your infrastructure … Continue reading Ansible an Introduction to Automation

Ansible, so what!

In the journey from skilled systems Administrator to skilled cloud systems management, I came across the best tool I've seen for automation, Infrastructure and configuration management This tool just structures your thinking to deliver robust management of physical and virtual cloud environments Why Ansible It's agentless Unlike Puppet, Chef, Salt, etc.. Ansible operates only over … Continue reading Ansible, so what!

Ansible how to set up your environment

Ansible Environment Setup Mainly, there are two types of machines when we talk about deployment - Control machine - It is the node that will have Ansible installed and it will control the other nodes.Remote machine - Machines which are handled/controlled by control machine. There can be multiple remote machines which are handled by one control machine. … Continue reading Ansible how to set up your environment


Yet Another Markup Language! And a I integral part of declarative nature of Ansible. YAML Ansible uses YAML syntax for expressing Ansible playbooks. This chapter provides an overview of YAML. Ansible uses YAML because it is very easy for humans to understand, read and write when compared to other data formats like XML and JSON. … Continue reading YAML